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What is Montessori?

What makes Montessori unique ?

  • The whole child approach
  • The prepared environment
  • The Montessori materials
  • The teacher/ guide
  • Teachers present individual and small group lessons on the materials in the environment. 
  • Students are then free to work at their own pace with materials they have chosen, either alone or with others. 
  • Our classrooms are multiyear age span and provides a family-like setting where learning takes place naturally.
  • We guide our children to follow their curiosity and to become active, confident problem-solvers and thinkers who delight in self-expression. 

How does Montessori education work? How is creativity encouraged?

How does Montessori education prepare students for the future?

  • Our program is based on self-directed, noncompetitive activities, which helps the children develop a positive self-image and the ability to face challenges and change with skill, confidence, and creativity- all essentials for life in the 21st century.

"Education must begin at birth."


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